What is the User Poll?Edit

The User Poll is how Pigskin Empire does its ranking system for the college teams. Each night after all the college games are finished you will recevie a memo that will give you a link to the user poll or you can get there by going to your computer, clicking Coaches, and user poll. Here you will see a list of teams that currently qualify for the top 25, along with their record, who they played that week and the final scores. All of these will play into your decision making for how you rank each team in the top 25. You click the team tab and drag it to the position you wish to rank them, and drop them into that slot.

The User Poll is also used for player awards as well. In a similar fashion, when awards are available for voting (you can see this by checking your calendar) you will get a memo and be able to vote for who you think should win different awards.

What are TBP?Edit

TBP stands for Tie Breaker Points. it is used to break ties in cases where head 2 head records are even. Every time a team that you beat wins a game you get a Tie Breaker Point. So TBP is the total number of wins by defeated opponents.

How are TBP ties broken?Edit

The first tie breaker is head to head. A 2 way tie can always be settled by head 2 head. A tie of 3 or more is settled by comparing head 2 head records between tied teams. If there is a tie in head to head then we go to TBP (see FAQ). In the event that TBP are even then we rochambeau.