About Team PagesEdit

Your team page is the core of your player information. You can check your injuries from there as well as see who you play throughout the season. Your team page also has information about your franchise/school and shows you your strengths and weaknesses as well as how you stack up to other teams.

Draft TabEdit

The draft tab allows the coaches to view their teams draft history. It shows the most recent picks your team has made as well as prior years. This is useful so you can see where your current players, if drafted by you, were drafted and compare their current level of talent to the position they were drafted. This can help you determine if a player has been a flop or has played up to/over their draft spot. You can make a decision whether or not to keep players based on this information.


Your grid shows a build in spreadsheet of your current roster and allows you to view other coaches evaluations after you have scouted them, as well as previous seasons evaluations to see how much your players have developed. Learn more about the grid from the Grid page.

Coaching SpotsEdit

The team page shows the current vacancies on your coaching staff. From here other coaches can click on the "Apply for position" link next to a vacancy to apply for a job on your team.

Team CapsulesEdit

At the top of every team page, both college and pro, is a team capsule. Depending on the level you coach at you will see different information here.


Budget - This is a graph representation of your current available salary cap. The higher the bar the less cap your team has available to spend.

Talent - As one would expect, this graph represents your teams current overall talent. The higher the bar the higher the talent on your team. You can compare your talent bar to other teams to see how your talent stacks up around the league.


Academics - Represents your teams academics rating. These graphs help during recruiting to show the strenghts of each recruiting pitch you use to determine the best ones to use.

Budget - Your schools budget bar represents the money a school has to pay their coaches. This can affect how much money your team can spend on recruiting visits.

Talent - Just like with pro, this graph represents the current level of talent your team has.

Prestige - The prestige bar can go up and down each season depending on your success. The better the season you have the higher your team presitge goes up each season. If you have a bad season your teams prestige will go down.