What Is Survivor?Edit

Survivor is a tournament inside Pigskin Empire that revolves around the Pro game. Before the season starts you can join the tournament for free by visiting the Survivor page from your Coach Admin global drop down menu. The purpose of this game is to pick one team each week that you think will win their game, but once you choose a team you cannot choose the same team to win again during the season. To make your picks you visit the same page that you visited to sign up and make your selection each game week but you must choose one week at a time as future picks are not counted.

How Do I Win?Edit

Each season the remaining coaches that have not made a wrong selection, or missed a weeks pick, is the winner of the tournament. It is possible to have multiple winners as well as just one winner. Survivor only runs through the end of the regular season, but you may check the standings each week to see who has been eliminated and how many people still remain. Once the first game of the season kicks off you cannot join the tournament, so you must join prior to the start of the first week.

What Is The Prize?Edit

The winner(s) of Survivor get Flex Points as their prize for lasting the entire season. The amount of Flex Points awarded to the winner(s) depends on how many winners there are. The more people remaining at the end of the season the less Flex Points the winners get. A certain number of Flex Points are allotted prior to the season starting, and those Flex Points are divided up between the winners.

What Happens If I Forget To Make My Pick?Edit

Your picks must be in before the games start each week. After the daily rollover you are sent a memo to make you Survivor selection. If you forget to make your pick or are not able to get online to make a selection you are automatically eliminated from the tournament with no exceptions.

Is It Worth Playing Survivor?Edit

With your chances to win Flex Points, it is a good idea to participate. Not knowing how many Flex Points you will win doesn't matter a whole lot, the fact that you win any can help you add attributes to your coach to make him Develop better and/or scout better.