Reporting Bugs and ExploitsEdit

Although Pigskin Empire is fully playable, there are a number of bugs and exploits present. Most of these bugs are insignificant and may not even be noticed but there may be times when you find a rather pesky bug. Players are encouraged to report bugs and exploits, however, please check the Practice Field Forum first to make sure that the bug has not already been reported.

How to report a bugEdit

For most bugs or exploits you should report using PSE's Issue Tab (below). If the issue is especially egregious and is critically important (such as the games not running at all) and you feel it must be corrected immediately then you may contact one of the admins (Beermonkey or IamShado) by sending them a PM through the forum's private message function.


Issue Page Link

Finally, game issues that you feel are not necessarily bugs but have a negative effect on gameplay can be discussed in the Practice Field Forum. In this forum users publicly discuss suggestions and issues with the game.