Player RatingsEdit

Player ratings are a numerical value assigned to players through coaching evaluations. The higher the number the better. These ratings are not exact and their accuracy is dependent on your evaluation ability. You can evaluate players in several ways; High school players are evaluated by traveling to their home town using the map, players on your team can be evaluated from the practice field and pro draft prospects can be evaluated by visiting their college using the map. Set the status of your players using the roster status screen.

College coaches use the roster status screen to apply redshirts to players by clicking on the shirt icon.

Pro coaches can set players to active or the scout team using the status selection box. Pro teams are limited to 54 active players. Any player that is put on injured reserve must stay there all season. A player on scout team may be activated but an active player cannot be put on the scout team.

College and pro coaches can also view full player evaluations and change player positions by clicking on their position

Building Your RosterEdit

The first step to building a team is getting your players. There are a few ways to do this in both college and the pros. In the college game you fill your roster by recruiting high school and junior college players or from players transferring from other colleges. Pro teams build their roster through the Draft, picking up free agents and through trades with other pro teams.

College coaches Recruit H.S. and JUCO players using the map. Travel to a player's hometown and click on their name in the balloon to visit and scout them. Beware of players below 2.00 GPA they won't make you team due to bad grades,   also watch for 2.00-2.49 players they will make the roster but cant play for a year and will lose a year of eligibility.  Keep players high on your list by visiting them often. You can also call them using the phone. 

Depth ChartEdit

The Depth chart tool allows you to set up your roster. Click on a position block on the left to highlight the slot you wish to fill then click on a player on the right to insert into that slot. When you click on a slot on the left it will show the available players for that position along with their evaluations at that position and position specific attributes.