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This is where you will find some information to help you get started coaching and the basics for building you pro or college empire.

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Try the in game forums help section here: Beginner Help Guides


What is EMPIRE CLUB (EC)?Edit

The Empire Club is open and awaiting new members. There are 4 current levels of Empire Club; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Empire Club is a pay subscription that includes the following feature and benefits:

  • An Additional 15 hours at rollover for silver, 25 for gold, and 40 for platinum!
  • A 2nd coach per account for silver, 3 for gold, and 4 for Platinum. (can add existing multi) (can not have coach at 2 pro teams)
  • Bronze
    Ability to import plays from your 2nd coach. (Costs 8 hours but you don't have to re-active the play if it's active)
  • Shortcut links in play by play, scoring summary which take you directly to the play to watch.
  • ESN-Classic to watch select games from previous seasons
  • E-Sat satellite package which allows you to watch ANY game from anywhere (and you can LPC from anywhere)
  • See stats and scores from previous seasons
  • See recruiting results from past seasons
  • Priority when scheduling practices (your practices run sooner)
  • A pretty little logo on your coach page to let everyone know how special you are!
  • Ability to see high school players' true 40 time and bench press
  • Import coaches from other accounts

And MORE to come...

Empire Club is a monthly subscription available in 3 month packages and will automatically renew unless you cancel.

Empire points (also known as "EPs") are tokens used to either:

1. Add additional hours to a coach's allotted time (in a single 24 hour period).

2. Add additional coaching funds

Each Empire Point will either add 30 hours to a coach's time, or $2,000 to the coaching funds.

From Pigskin Admin:

"You are allowed one (1) account. You shall not create more than one account for use at one time. Only Empire Club members shall have more than 1 active coach per game. If you are caught having more than one account then your coaches will be locked."

" No player is permitted to have a coach on two team within in the same conference in the ECAA level 1A or 1AA "

"No player is permitted to have a coach on two teams in the EFL or NAFL"

"Throwing games intentionaly is not permitted"

How Do I Get Empire Points?Edit

Empire points may be purchased on your account home page.


You may purchase:

20 points for $5 (US)
45 points for $10
100 points for $20

Once you have bought the ep you use it by clicking the drop-down menu on the Main page.

Empire Point LimitationEdit

Each coach on a user's account may only use 6 Empire Points per 24 hour period to increase the coaching hours. In other words, you can only have an extra 180 hours a day. Though there is a limit to how much EP you can use for hours, There is no EP limit for funds.