Milestones can be achieved by completing different tasks. Completing these tasks will get you better Coaching Bars.

Here is a complete list of all the milestones you can achieve

1st HC Win Flex 5
10th HC Win Flex 10
25th HC Win Flex 20
50th HC Win Flex 15
First DC Shutout Defense 5
First OC 50 Point Game offense 5
First Playoff Appearance Flex 15
First 100 Evaluations Scouting 5
First 250 Evaluations Scouting 10
First 50 Offensive Practices Offense 5
First 100 Offensive Practices Offense 10
First 50 Defensive Practices Defense 5
First 100 Defensive Practies Defense 10
First 50 Drills Develop 5
First 100 Drills Develop 10
Coach Award Semi-Finalist Reputation 10
Five Games Scouted Scouting 5
50 Match-Ups Run Develop 5

What is flex?Edit

Flex points are points that can be added to any coaching attribute, or coaching bar. Each flex point added to an attribute will give you an extra boost there. The only other way to earn flex points is in EFL survivor