Live play calling is what makes PSE great. Once you have the opportunity to call plays live you will never be the same. To get to your game go to the top of your homepage look for the leagues tab wait for the dropdown scroll over the league you are in wait until you see a slideout. On the slideout click on scores and schedules. Once you are on the schedules page scroll down to your game. There should be a small green and yellow symbol that says LIVE above the score. If there is no such symbol then your game has yet to start. Refreshing your browser until you see the LIVE symbol will work. Another more simple way to get there is to go to your coaching home page once there look above your coaching calendar the should be green lettering it will either tell you the amount of time until your next game,  or if your game is live it will say Game In Progress. If it says Game In Progress click on it, this will take you to your game.  The game will automatically start with the opening kickoff. To get it to it's current click on the live button and then the Play Calling Tab. (see image). It is best to have an idea of what you want to call before the next play comes up as you only have at the most 7 seconds to pick a play. It may take some time to get in rhythm with the speed of the game but once you catch on you will love it.