The current plan includes the ability to replace your coach with a legacy:
* There will be a dropdown with potential replacements. They must:
+ 76 or more wins are needed in order to legacy, NOT "more than 75" wins. You MUST have at least 76 wins.

+ have played five seasons under your coach in the pros OR four in college
* If you do not have any past players fitting those requirements - or you simply want to - you can create a legacy which is a virtual son. He will have the same last name as you and a first name of your choosing (from a list).
* ALL of your plays will be ported to the new coach, but only 20 of your choosing will be active immediately.
* For new coaches there will be an incentive program, allowing them to gain spot attribute bonuses when reaching career accomplishment. These aren't out of hand, but a help to new coaches and can increase retention.
* Poll bonuses are fixed for this year