This is a link and it is where you can edit your Gameplan settings. Gameplan settings are used by the simulation engine if the user is not "Live Play Calling" a game in Pigskin Empire. In this page we will attempt to explain how to setup your gameplan and give brief explanations of the settings. NOTE: This will usually only be available to the Head Coach unless he gives rights to his assistants to edit the Gameplan. From the Main menu on top, select the Team Admin drop down (image on the left), and select "Gameplan" you will see the main gameplan screen. Everyones will look a bit different, depending on how you setup yours or how the previous coach had set it up. The one shown below is a basic gameplan.


As you can see I have scenarios setup for all downs and XP/Field Goal situations. Also I have a DEFAULT situation setup that will ensure I am not missing any situations that will make the game run a default stock play that I don’t want.

NOTE: FORGOT “PUNT” scenario, situation should be listed 3rd on the list above. Once you make your scenarios click on the yellow name of the scenario.


You will have the conditions come up that are either already setup for this situation or you can setup new conditions by clicking on the plus sign.

As you can see below I selected the 4th down situation and I am making the condition have to be 4th down (obviously) and 0-2 yards to go, field position is basically the whole field and score is only if I am behind or up by 14 or less and clock is set so it will look at this situation the whole game to include overtime.

Then you hit update. Other conditions can be setup for each scenario also.

Once that’s done you select the formation you want the plays from on the right and slide the plays you want to be run over to the left (yellow) side of that pane.

With the plays on top getting priority over the ones below them.


Once you set everything up click on the “SAVE” button on top, then do the same thing for Defense, Kickoff and Kick Return.

NOTE: One Key thing to have is a DEFAULT scenario setup on the bottom of the offense and defense gameplan (I usually put all my good plays into it) that covers any possible yard, down, time situation. That keeps the system from calling stock plays or just whatever it feels like. Italic text