Free AgentsEdit

There are two phases of free agent signing. You have the free agent signing period of which starts the 1st of every month and ends the 3rd, or the basic free agent period through the season.

The Free Agent Signing PeriodEdit

The Free Agent Signing Period is the best time to find talent that have been released from teams or their contract has expired. This is also the time to check out those undrafted rookies. You will need to scout the FA's before being able to see what they evaluate at. To do this you would need to start in your office. Click on the helmet of which takes you to the practice field form there select the practice type "Private FA Workout" then select the position and players you would like to evaluate. To view and sign free agents, starting from your office, go to the clipboard then select "Free Agents" from there select the desired position. To send an offer click on the green dolor amount in the Current Offers column. This will pull up the contract window, simply chose the length of the contract and the dolor amount and select "Offer". During the FA Singing period at the start of the season the player will accept offers at rollover (12am Central). Highest offer is not the only thing looked at the player also looks at other criteria. The exact criteria is not known. If sending the offer outside of this FA Period the player will accept immediately.

Free Agent Signing Period time(s):Edit

there will be 3 hour signing window from 6-9 CT on each day of FA signing
during that time signing will occur at 7, 8 and 9 CT

offers can be made prior to the signing window but the amounts will not show.
offers made during the signing window will show the amount.
offers made during the signing window cannot be lowered or rescinded until after the next signing
after the signing if the player has not signed then you can drop of change your offer

any coach that tries to bid up a player could end up signing the player. If they want to the waive the player they will get a cap hit of 50% of the players salary for the remainder of his contract. The cap hit could be lowered if the player signs elsewhere.

Basic FA SigningEdit

This happens anytime during the season. So if you have a few players in a single position, or are thin in a particular position you can go and sign a FA. Careful though, most FA that are left after the Free Agent signing period are not worth the time to develop.

Pro players without a team can be picked up as free agents at any time. The free agent screen will show all available FA's by position. Players are listed in order by their stock value. Generally, players at the top of the list are the most valuable.