We reserve the right to ban who we want, when we want.

Things that may get you banned include racism, sexism, dumb-ism and any other 'ism that we feel deserving. Spamming, excessive use of misspelled words and being a Raiders fan is also grounds for ban.

Multi-hunting will not be tolerated. Do not accuse others of being a mutli in chat or forum. We have a system in place to catch multis and we will deal with them.

We may or may not give a 1 week ban for first time offenses. We may or may not encourage a public flogging for banned members.

We will NOT refund EC membership nor Empire Point purchases should you get banned for violating forum rules. Getting your mother to call us and complain will not change our minds.

Do not send private messages to Beermonkey or IamShado asking for someone to be banned. We may ban you for being a snitch.

We reserve the right to add new rules whenever the **** we want. And you will like it.