Advantage of running a drill:Edit

  • Larger boosts per player
  • You can specify the boost your player gets

Disadvantages of running a drill:Edit

  • Doesn't give good boosts

The biggest confusion on drills is which drill does what. Here is a list of what each drill will do for your players.

Pass Blocking: no longer avalibleEdit

Pos Attribute
LB Endurance
QB Discipline
OT Blocking
DL Fighting Blocks

Run Blocking:Edit

Pos Attribute
OLB Tackling
DL Fighting Blocks
OL Blocking
QB Endurance

Zone Coverage:Edit

Pos Attribute
QB Pocket Awareness
WR Offensive Awareness
S Defensive Awareness
CB Defensive Awareness

Passing Accuracy:Edit

Pos Attribute
CB Pass Coverage
S Pass Coverage
QB Pass Accuracy
WR Hands

Drils cost 4 hours. I would not recommend doing more drills than the milestone requires. They aren't very effective. If you would like to develop your team run offensive, defensive, or matchup practices.