When is the EFL Draft?Edit

The draft is the 27th of every month. The draft takes place on the second week after the Empire Bowl. Each week in PSE is a day in real life. This means the draft happens on the second day after the Empire Bowl, real life wise.

The draft is divided into two days. The first day(27th) is the first three rounds. Day two(28th) is rounds four through six. There is no seventh round of the draft in PSE. Both days start at 7pm Central time.

How long is the Draft?Edit

The first round goes 2 minutes per pick and then it goes to 1 minute per pick for the remainder of the draft. The picks are made at the end of the "clock" so you will be able to predict what time your next rounds pick will be made.
Ex: you pick 10th in the first round at 7:30, your next pick will be 54 minutes later at 8:24 (22 more 1st round picks x 2 =44 mins + 10 picks in 2nd round X 1 = 10 mins)

How do I make my picks?Edit

Go to "Draft Board," which is under the Roster Admin drop down menu. From there, you will see two sections of players, on the left and right. Players on the left are on your board, players on the right are the players eligible for the draft. To add players, you drag from the right to the left (if you playing on a phone, you're out of luck in this case.)

When your "clock" expires the player at the TOP of your draft board will be picked automatically. If another teams drafts a player on your draft board they will be removed from your draft board. If you have NO players on your draft board the CPU will pick the "best available" player which may or may not be a good thing(usually not good).

Another option to use is the "Draft Guide", which is on the draft board page. In the draft guide, on the right hand side it says edit guide. This is where you put numbers on how many players you want drafted at a certain position. It will pick what the computer has determined are the best players available at that position, which may or may not be the case in the sim. The computer puts a high emphasis on stats, so if a player was on a computer-led team and had one play in its gameplan, stats will be artificially high. It's not as good as a set draft board, but it's better than nothing.