How long is the offseason?Edit

The offseason is the same as Pro when it comes to time. The offseason varies depending on the day of the month it is. Every season rollover takes place of the 1st of every real life month, therefore if the offseason starts on the 24th of the month, depending on what month you are in it could be 6 days. It all depends on the month we are in, and the day of that month that the offseason starts.

What can I do?Edit

During the offseason in college you may run practices, scrimmages and if you have Empire Club, you may run Exhibitions vs other opponents. During this time you can sign your recruits once the LOI signing day arrives. you will be notified via memo, that you have LOIs waiting to be signed. This is also a good time to do a schedule search and schedule some OOC (out of conference) opponents for the following season, if you have any openings. You might also want to redo your depth chart and prepare for players leaving for Pro.

I dont have enough recruits... What do i do?Edit

If you didnt fill all of your scholarships, you might receive transfers from other schools and you will also receive walkons to fill up any spots that you are short on. The walkons will not count against your scholarships that you have so you will not be penalized from that standpoint.

I have a player that says he doesnt qualify.Edit

If a player shows as a NO under the qualify section of the LOI signing page, depending on his academics, he may be a partial qualifier, meaning he will be an automatic redshirt for his freshman season and be available the following year. If they have to low of a GPA they will become JuCo players, and you will be able to recruit them again during their sophmore seasons.

Season Rollover happened... what now?Edit

You might want to evaluate all your players on your team. The reason for this is players can increase in skill levels from season to season and some can also decrease in skill level as well; so it is a good idea to do this to make sure you maximize your talent on the field.


During the offseason is a good time to create new plays and run scrimmages to help give boosts to your players. During the season it becomes a little more difficult to constantly create new plays unless you purchase Empire Points, which isnt a bad idea considering the affordability of their packages. If you have Empire Club you might also want to run some exhibitions against other teams, this way you can see how you stack up and even evaluate your players on the field against another opponent that way you can adjust your depth charts based on what you feel would fit.