This is a list we hope all coaches will follow during their time playing Pigskin Empire.  This list is done so all can enjoy this game fully.

1) Do not create multiple accounts as stated in the rules.

2) Refrain from making remarks that is easily offensive in nature to anyone in chat or forums.  ALL PLAYERS DESERVE RESPECT!!!.

3) Refrain from accusing others of cheating in chat or in the forums , please report such misconduct to the Pigskin Empire Admins first.  

4) You cannot coach two teams in the same conference in either ECAA levels or any two teams at the Pro level.

5) ECAA Div1-AA coaches, please refrain from taking another job that is in the same conference or an scheduled OOC opponent of your original hired team/teams, to include post season. (This is due to no waiting period in hiring).

6) Any issue's you are having with another player that is considered of serious nature, please settle your indifferences in private chat, PM's if not on same staff.

7) Please do not purposely throw games. By designing blatant Offenses or Defenses that could easily achieve this goal.